Our office is located at the Lancaster Recreation Center in Brandon Park. We are open Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. through 5 p.m. When visiting, please park in the lot at the corner of Hazel and New Dorwart Streets behind the Recreation Center.

Ask a Question

For general questions, please call 717-392-2115 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. You can also email info@LancasterRec.org. For specific questions, please use the following contacts:

Program Registration, Program Payments and Facility Rentals:

Valerie Rivera vrivera@LancasterRec.org Ext. 126
Marisol Rosario marosario@LancasterRec.org Ext. 138
Vanessa Torres vtorres@LancasterRec.org Ext. 0

Before and After School Child Care, Family Events, Summer Day Camps, and Summer Playgrounds:

Jackie Hawkins jhawkins@LancasterRec.org Ext. 152
Leida Collazo lcollazo@LancasterRec.org Ext. 140

Lancaster Rec Child Care Center at McCaskey High School, Safe Sitter Babysitter Course, Pre-K Counts, and Preschool Day Care:

Mary Blankenmeyer-Rice mblankenmeyer@LancasterRec.org Ext. 136

Environmental Education Programs

Kate Ronan kronan@lancasterrec.org Ext. 121

Youth and Adult Sports, Youth Dance Classes, Adult Fitness Classes, and Conestoga Pines Pool:

Audra Landers alanders@LancasterRec.org Ext. 142
Emily Morris Eckert emorris@LancasterRec.org Ext. 130
Jack Bingeman jbingeman@LancasterRec.org Ext. 129

Lancaster Rec Senior Center, Rodney Park and Lancaster House North Happy Hearts Senior Centers, Senior Fitness Classes, and Senior Recreation Programs:

Susan Davis sdavis@LancasterRec.org Ext. 147

Marketing and Development:

Heather Dighe hdighe@LancasterRec.org Ext. 154
Jessica McAllister jmcallister@LancasterRec.org Ext. 143

Administrative Office:

Tracie Beats tbeats@LancasterRec.org Ext. 141
Alex Garrett agarrett@LancasterRec.org Ext. 131
Sue Landes slandes@LancasterRec.org Ext. 125