As a public recreation agency, keeping programs affordable is important, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of recreation.

We touch individual’s lives on a daily basis – whether it’s the 7-year-old girl gaining self-confidence through dance, the 40-year-old man keeping active and healthy playing softball, or the 90-year-old woman staying connected with friends at a senior center.

Recreation experiences are especially important for the healthy development of our children. When children play, they’re developing the skills they need to succeed in life. Recreation activities help children feel good about themselves, learn how to solve problems and get along with others.

You can help us provide these opportunities by sharing your resources. By donating to the Future Red Tornado Initiative, children with demonstrated financial needs may participate in youth sports programs. Equally important is the opportunity to volunteer. You can enrich children’s lives by giving your time and sharing your talents.

No one agency working alone can possibly meet all of the recreation needs of Lancaster’s children. We collaborate with many community organizations to plan and conduct recreation programs and to stretch each dollar a little further. Our top priority is to give children more opportunities to play, learn and grow through quality recreation experiences.

Support the Future Red Tornado Initiative

For thousands of children living in the City of Lancaster and Lancaster Township, opportunities to participate in youth sports don’t – and won’t – exist because of financial hardships, lack of transportation, and equipment costs. Nationally, sport participation rates among youth living in households with the lowest incomes are just 16 percent.

We know there are far too many Lancaster children left on the sidelines, not experiencing the joy and benefits of sports.

Through a unique collaboration with the School District of Lancaster, we have launched the Future Red Tornado Initiative. Funds will be used to provide scholarships to children and provide expanded training and mentoring for youth sports coaches. As a 501(c)3 organization, contributions to Lancaster Rec are tax deductible.

Our 2019 Scholarship Report is now available!


Make a secure donation to the Future Red Tornado Initiative.

If you’d prefer to contribute by mail, please make checks payable to Lancaster Rec and mail to: Lancaster Recreation Commission
525 Fairview Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17603

For additional information, contact Heather at:
717-392-2115 x154

"Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play."

-Mike SingletaryNFL Coach, Author and Motivational Speaker

Recognition Opportunities

Donors and sponsors may pledge and make payments over a one- to five-year period. Depending on the amount of your financial donation, we offer many recognition opportunities to raise awareness of your business, including the following:

  • Sponsorship of Lancaster Rec special events
  • Business Name with link on Lancaster Rec website
  • Name listed in Annual Report
  • Name/logo listed on Team Sport Uniforms

To learn more about all of the sponsorship opportunities we offer, please refer to our Sponsorship BrochureFor additional information, contact AJ at:
717-392-2115 x125

Thank You to Our Partners and Sponsors