With 238 acres of public parkland in the City of Lancaster and Lancaster Township, getting active outdoors and living healthier is just steps away. Read a book, throw a Frisbee, walk your dog. Our parks have basketball courts, baseball fields, walking paths, picnic pavilions, children’s playgrounds, wading pools, and even a petting zoo. Turn off the technology for a bit and get outside in our great green spaces. Click here for a map of City and Township park and school locations.

Big Green Gym Outdoor Park Workouts

We have an innovative, no-cost way for residents to get fit! Partnering with the City of Lancaster and Lancaster Township, we created a different exercise option: self-guided workouts for our parks using existing recreation facilities and park equipment.

We provide directions and pictures demonstrating each exercise to make the workouts appropriate for any level of fitness. Exercises, in circuit format, are designed to give you a full-body workout. Exercises include bodyweight rows, calf raises, push-ups, jump squats, arm dips, planks, wall sits and seated leg tucks and vary depending on the features at each park.

Increasing your physical activity can help you increase your energy, ward off chronic illness, build muscle and have you feeling your best.

Explore the Great Outdoors

Pennsylvania’s outdoor recreation opportunities are as diverse as its people and places. Four seasons, mountains, rivers, lakes and millions of acres of forest and fields serve as the setting for just about every recreational pursuit. With more than 5,600 locations across the state, our local parks and recreation areas are perhaps our most valuable recreation resource. Find a park near where you live – or where you are going.